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Mould single end

单头电热管又叫单端电热管、弹筒电热管(Cartridge Heaters),是电热管(管状电热元件)的一种,在中国电热行业,有一很久称谓的型号:M3。在90年代后期由于电热管在中国广泛应用,电热管的形状也现很多,在中国南方就将这种一头出线的模具用的电热管称为单头电热管或单端电热管,很形像的。

Single-head heating tube called a single-ended heating pipe, heating tube cartridges (Cartridge Heaters), is a heating tube (tubular heating element), the electric industry in China, there is a long title of model: M3. In the late 1990s due to the heating pipes are widely used in China, the shape of heating pipe is also now a lot, in southern China will be such a head mold outlet tube called a single-head electric heating tube or single-ended heating pipe, very image of.

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