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Plastic machine heating

热流道系统分为绝热流道(fully hot runner)和微型半热流道系统(semi hot runner)。绝热流道的设计复杂,但效果好和维护成本非常低。微型半热流道结构化繁为简,稳定好用,故障率低,因结构简单因而维护成本低,对生产的稳定进行有更大保证。

Hot runner system is divided into absolute runner (fully hot runner) and miniature semi hot runner system (semi hot runner). Absolutely runner design complexity, but the effect is good, and maintenance costs are very low. Miniature semi runner structure to simplify, stable easy to use, low failure rate, because the structure is simple and therefore low maintenance costs, the stability of the production will be greater assurance.

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